Making streaming a career!

When I started streaming in October 2017 I did it out of curiosity and also because my kids always wanted me to get into content creation and into streaming. The more I streamed and the more opportunities that came with streaming the more I wanted to try and make content creation a career and a full time thing for me.

As a lone Mother of 4 children in a long distance relationship who suffers with Fibromyalgia, finding a job that would fit around my children and around my health has never been easy. With streaming I am able to be my own boss, create my own schedules and do something I love, game, meet new people and put smiles on peoples faces.

It’s not been easy from health issues plaguing live streams, Mixer closing and having to find a new home and having to get through tons of toxicity throughout from other streamers but I have never given up.

Will full time content creation happen over night? Definitely not! But it is a goal I have and would love to say I achieved!

Are you someone who has made a career out of streaming and content creation? What did you find helped you through the tough times and how long did it take from you starting streaming/content creation to become full time?


What is Revillution?

HI there, I am Shortie! I am a Mother to 4, streamer and content creator from England, UK!

One question I get asked a lot by people is what is Revillution and how can it help me?

Revillution has been around since July 2009 and started out as an entertainment forum. Since getting into streaming in October 2017, Shortie and Smokey have always wanted to see people succeed, reach their goals and get to where they want to be in streaming. Nothing makes us happier than seeing someone reach a goal they set for themselves and hit it, it’s an amazing feeling.

So what is Revillution and how can it help you as a gamer, streamer and content creator?

Revillution offers a wide range of options that you can use to help get your YouTube videos, TikTok’s, streams and even social medias to more eyes.

When used frequently people have found that Revillution has helped them greatly.

We have the following:

Stream library: Add your Twitch or Trovo stream to the stream library and be shown as live whenever you go live on your chosen platform.

Media Gallery: Add your YouTube videos, TikTok videos and so much more to the media gallery for more eyes. Newly added videos will often be posted to the Revillution Twitter to help with exposure.

Forums: A place where you can talk about your day, talk about new games, talk about the latest game you played and so much more

Private Message (PM) System: This offers the option to be able to privately message other members of Revillution to be able to make connections and meet new people.

RevBux: Revillutions own currency, gain currency for being active on the site. Posting, adding new videos to the media gallery and referring people all help you gain RevBux

RevBux Shop: A place to be able to spend your RevBux for things like stream features, sticky threads on the forum for more exposure and sticky advertisements for more exposure.

With all this and so much more to come!

Check out Revillution here:


Is streaming a competition?

All too often we see people treating streaming as a competition. Everyone has to be above the other in terms of viewer count or follower count or in some cases even sub count and if they drop below someone they feel the need to try and be more competitive. The question is, is streaming a competition? Do you see streaming as a competition?

As someone who has been gaming since I was around 3 years old and been streaming since October 2017, I have never felt the need to want to be in competition with anyone in the streaming world.

The way I look at streaming is that we are all here to do the same thing, bring joy to people who watch us, hang out, meet new people and possibly make it something we can do as a job. Nothing makes me happier than to see someone hit their goals, see the smile on their face when they reach a milestone in their streaming career and just be happy of where they are when it comes to streaming.

I have been part of communities and moderated communities who have eventually reached partner on their chosen platform and the joy it gave me to see how happy they were to hit that partnership milestone was amazing!

The streaming world has so many different people of all walks of life from all different areas of the world and if we all end up in competition with each other, where does that leave any of us?



Last year when Mixer made a huge announcement regarding their closure and that Facebook Gaming would be taking everyone on from there on in had me shook as I feel it did many of us. I remember wondering where I was going to go next due to the fact that I wasn’t too keen on Facebook Gaming and Twitch, even though it was a solid option, it always felt too saturated. Trovo was also a baby back then when Mixer decided to close it’s doors and being that it only seemed to focus on mobile gaming at the time and didn’t have very many English streamers, I was very put off by it at the time.

Roll on a year and after seeing so many others moving over to Trovo, I decided to give it a shot, I have now been streaming on there around a month and my passion for streaming has been amazing. It’s felt great to be excited to go live again and actually enjoy creating content!

Many people seem put off when it comes to Trovo I feel because it’s still new and also because what happened to Mixer is always in the back of their mind and that is understandable, it was always my worry as well.

So… you may be asking, what makes Trovo different from Twitch and Facebook Gaming? From my experience on Trovo over the past month I am seeing a huge different with the discoverability as well as how much I can give back to my community as well using the built in features on the site such as treasure boxes in which the community can win Elixir which is the currency you pay for on the site that they can drop on you and help you reach a pay out or you can exchange is for Elixir to give back to your community in the form of treasure boxes which also helps with discoverability.

There is also Mana on the site which is earned for free when you chat and use the site that you can drop on streamers to help them reach a front page boost on the Spell Rocket which I think is pretty awesome and helps with exposure greatly.

On top of that, Trovo also pays you for streaming on their site as long as you hit the hours they ask. For example, I am currently aiming to reach the Bronze tier which is 900 watch hours and there is also bonuses in which Trovo will pay you for playing so many hours of a game they have listed for that month and also there are bonuses for having a super active community during that month. These payments are added onto what you make from Elixir and also subs.

How do watch hours work you may ask? Watch hours work based on how many people are in your stream either talking or lurking. If someone is lurking in your channel for 1 whole hour that will count as 1 watch hour. If you have 10 people in your stream for a whole hour that will equate to 10 watch hours! Pretty cool!

Best of all.. lurks actually count! So if someone can’t actively be chatting in your chat, them lurking and having your stream open with the tab muted sticks! The community on Trovo as well is amazing and I am seeing a lot of Mixer Streamers jumping onto Trovo to try it out.

There is so much on Trovo that can help you out as a content creator as well as possibly help you earn that little extra which I think is awesome!

If you are still looking for somewhere to call home, I would definitely give Trovo a try even if it’s just a few days just to see how things work and see what you think to it.

If you have any questions regarding Trovo at all you can jump into my Guilded at where we have a Trovo section where you can ask all your questions or you can DM me and I will be more than happy to help that way. I also have access to referral codes that you can use before you start your first stream and as you level up in the streamer program not only will I get $10 in gems but you will also get $10. You need $50 in gems (5000 gems) to be able to complete monetization onboarding and cash out!


Fall Guys

I had the chance this past weekend to jump on the Fall Guys beta and I have to admit, I haven’t had that much fun in a game in a long while. It really does give a whole new meaning to Battle Royale with how unique this game is!

You can see my gameplay below, the game releases on 4th August 2020 on Steam and Playstation 4 and will be available on Playstation Plus on release!

What did you guys think to Fall Guys?