March Giveaway Update!

I have made a decision to update the March giveaway from Mixer Pro to a £10/$10 gift card of the winners choice! This decision will take affect immediately for the month of March and the winner will be announced and contacted on Twitter, Discord or in the stream itself.

Good luck and thank you all for your continued support! <3


Hosts no longer counting?

I have been hearing a lot recently of people being worried that hosts are no longer counting when it comes to views, especially when it comes to wanting to apply for partnership on Mixer. Something I have been looking at just recently when streaming myself and heading into other people’s streams is how many views I initially end up with after a host or auto host or how many views someone else initially ends up with when they are hosted or auto hosted and then I have compared this using MixerStats and it has given me a whole new picture.

It would seem that the only ones that do tend to count are of those who interact in someway in the chat, whether it be from talking, dropping sparks or embers.

This brings me back to a previous post I made not too long ago here on my blog where raids still help streamers as well as viewers. Active raiders in the chat will help the host turn into a active views and that is not the only bonus, streamers and viewers then have a way to meet new people as well! Streaming is a huge world and finding new people is not always easy, raids help you and others find new people which makes building communities more possible.

So what this comes down to is that hosts do help as long as active viewers come over with the host and interact in chat.

I could be completely wrong on this but this is just something I have noticed myself. Your thoughts are appreciated.


We Miss Raids!

I can’t help but feel that the fun that was had when raiding with a streamer or being raided is now gone when it comes to streaming. I stream on Mixer myself mostly and have noticed over the last nearly 3 years of me actively being on the site, raids have gone from being an all the time thing to very rare which is a shame.

Many people I feel have become worried about hosting depending on how big of a streamer they are or how many people come over to help them with the raid and this has come about after some streamers have complained about how many people were raiding.

A raid no matter how big and how many viewers come over to help with the raid or are dropped on you through the host I feel should not matter at all. I personally love a raid no matter how big or small and will welcome the viewers and the raiders with open arms.

The question is, as a community can we make raiding great again and can we change people’s minds on whether a raid would be worth it or not.

I myself will admit that I have in the past not raided because there was only two of us or 3 of us who wanted to raid but after hearing so many others saying they raid no matter what and also hearing others say that they appreciate the raid no matter how many come in to participate it has pushed me to want to raid more often no matter how many of us.

Let’s Make Raids Great Again!!


Auto Hosts

Auto hosts seem to have become a whole lot more popular over the last few months to a year which I feel is great but that all depends on how you are using them. I personally myself love to use my auto host when I am not at my PC and will admit that I did fall into a habit of forgetting to turn off the auto host I was using whilst I was at my PC so it would be auto hosting people and I was not always getting into their streams.

I have now taken to turning the auto host off that I was using and will be using an auto host through my bot which I will enable when I know I am going to be away from the PC for a while, this will then be turned off when I am actively on my PC again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love auto hosts and I understand that for many people, auto hosts are their way of supporting because they are so busy away from Mixer and their PC which is understandable but I can’t help but feel myself that many people rely solely on auto hosts now and there is less and less interaction from people which is a shame.

I feel that if auto hosts are used in the right way, they can help viewers and streamers immensely. What are your thoughts?


March Giveaway!

During the month of March, there will be an ongoing giveaway which will be based off the currency in my Mixer chat which is Kitty Treats (!kt to check Kitty Treats in chat).

The person with the most Kitty Treats by March 31st will be gifted Mixer Pro by me. There are so many ways for you to be able to earn Kitty Treats in the chat and these are listed below.

1. Just being in the stream and watching
2. Playing in chat games such as Spin (!spin) and Russian Roulette (!rr)
3. Winning giveaways that I do on stream for either Kitty Treats or Streamloots Chests.
4. Receiving Streamloots cards for Kitty Treats to be added to your account
5. Battle Royales that are done every so often by myself or my mods using Stream Avatars.

The person with the most Kitty Treats in chat will be contacted by myself so that I can gift the code for Mixer Pro. Being a part of my Discord or my Twitter would enable me to contact you easier to gift this, if not catching you in the chat in stream will be the only other way.

The winner will also be announced here on the site as well :3

Good Luck!! <3


Shortie Mixer Schedule!

Below is my schedule for Mixer, you can find me live on these days at these times every week.

Thursday ~ 9pm GMT (4pm EST, 1pm PST)
Friday ~ 9pm GMT (4pm EST, 1pm PST)
Saturday ~ 9pm GMT  (4pm EST, 1pm PST)

Any and all bonus streams will be posted on my Twitter and my Discord.