Is streaming a competition?

All too often we see people treating streaming as a competition. Everyone has to be above the other in terms of viewer count or follower count or in some cases even sub count and if they drop below someone they feel the need to try and be more competitive. The question is, is streaming a competition? Do you see streaming as a competition?

As someone who has been gaming since I was around 3 years old and been streaming since October 2017, I have never felt the need to want to be in competition with anyone in the streaming world.

The way I look at streaming is that we are all here to do the same thing, bring joy to people who watch us, hang out, meet new people and possibly make it something we can do as a job. Nothing makes me happier than to see someone hit their goals, see the smile on their face when they reach a milestone in their streaming career and just be happy of where they are when it comes to streaming.

I have been part of communities and moderated communities who have eventually reached partner on their chosen platform and the joy it gave me to see how happy they were to hit that partnership milestone was amazing!

The streaming world has so many different people of all walks of life from all different areas of the world and if we all end up in competition with each other, where does that leave any of us?


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