Making streaming a career!

When I started streaming in October 2017 I did it out of curiosity and also because my kids always wanted me to get into content creation and into streaming. The more I streamed and the more opportunities that came with streaming the more I wanted to try and make content creation a career and a full time thing for me.

As a lone Mother of 4 children in a long distance relationship who suffers with Fibromyalgia, finding a job that would fit around my children and around my health has never been easy. With streaming I am able to be my own boss, create my own schedules and do something I love, game, meet new people and put smiles on peoples faces.

It’s not been easy from health issues plaguing live streams, Mixer closing and having to find a new home and having to get through tons of toxicity throughout from other streamers but I have never given up.

Will full time content creation happen over night? Definitely not! But it is a goal I have and would love to say I achieved!

Are you someone who has made a career out of streaming and content creation? What did you find helped you through the tough times and how long did it take from you starting streaming/content creation to become full time?


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